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We provide safe and customized solutions to companies looking to expand overseas. Our wide range of flexible services and our expert teams will do everything for you to achieve your business goals

ForNeed provides its own team to serve its customers through its factories or companies in Turkey, as they search and investigate the required goods and choose the best quality and prices in the Turkish market and send sufficient information to their customers and then ship to the Turkish port through containers that are exported abroad, where the shipping company delivers the container To the customer’s warehouse in his country after clearing it from customs.

Building materials trade in Turkey is an important business due to the increasing demand locally and internationally. Our products can be used in all fields related to construction, water supply, gases and sanitation supplies. In addition, ForNeed continues to invest in technologically advanced products based on the market needs identified by the activities in order to increase the rate of sales at the local and international market level. The company has also exported to many markets around the world.

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Completely new model company through strong leadership specializing in general trade and unique services. The company was established in 2015 in Istanbul – Turkey under the Commercial Companies Law of the Republic of Turkey…..


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